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Set up a page of multiple events
How can I add tickets for multiple events to my page?
How can I add tickets for multiple events to my page?

Instructions for adding many events from different productions to the same presale page.

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✨You can add tickets for different events on your presale page!

For example, you may have a festival with tickets for general admission to the venue, but you might also have different kinds of events within the festival that require different kinds of tickets.

You can find the steps you need to follow below.

Step 1: Create a new event.

You should add an event with the title of the event, such as "Wine Festival", "Children's Film Festival" etc.

In this case, you will need to add dates only if you have a general admission ticket for the festival - (for each day and time during the event, you can add a corresponding event).

Adding photos and description.

Under "Marketing Material" of this event, you will need to add photos and a description, and in the "Page Hosting Dates from Multiple Events" you click "Yes".

All the information you want to appear should be entered into the Marketing Material section of the event. From here, you will also obtain the link to your page, and this is the page you will publish once everything is ready.

Step 2: Adding events

Now, for each separate event, you will add a new event using its title (instructions here).

For example, on the presale page, the general title may be "Film Festival" where each day showcases a different movie. Therefore, you need to add a separate event for each movie.

If it is a music festival, and you want the title of a different artist/band to appear for each day, you will need to add a new event with the title of the artist/band.

For each separate event, you will need to add the dates and times of the event (instructions here).

If there are different prices, you will need to create a different pricelist for each event (Instructions here).

For these events, you will not add marketing material, and they will remain "hidden" (i.e., they will not be published as events).

Step 3: Adding all events in the presale page

You will add all the events you created in Step 2 to the presale page (the event you created in Step 1).

In this way, you create a presale page where one can buy a general admission ticket to the festival that will be valid for one or more days. Additionally, there will be separate events listed below for which anyone interested in attending will need to buy a separate ticket.

Step 4: Publishing the event

If you want to publish the presale page, go to the "Marketing Material" of the general event (you created in Step 1) and then click "Publish" and "Save".

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