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How do I add products to my event?
How do I add products to my event?

Instructions for adding products to an event

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You can add your products under the "Products" tab.

Select "New Product".

At "General Settings" you define:

  • Product Name

  • In the field "Product is related to an event", select the event you wish to add the product or ''All productions''

  • Product category and type

Next, you enter the "Product Info" :

  • In the "description" field enter a short text.

  • Upload a photo for the product, at least 500x500 px with a white background.

At "Inventory" you define:

  • If there are multiple options for your product, select "yes" to enter them e.g. T-shirt white small, T-shirt white medium, T-shirt black small, or Pop-Corn, Pop-Corn with soft drink etc.

  • The unique product SKU for each option. The SKU (Stock keeping unit) is a unique number that you create to differentiate each product and track its inventory. You can use the product code as you may have it in your ERP (if you have an ERP) or create a number based on attributes such as type, manufacturer, color, style and size.

  • Quantity (total quantity for the product)

  • Price

  • Discount Price (not a mandatory field)

  • Minimum/order (not a mandatory field)

  • Maximum/order (not a mandatory field)

Finally, set the ''Collection & Shipping'' details:

You can set if the product can be collected on-site or if it will be shipped to the customer. You can also set both Collection and Shipping details and let the customer decide the delivery method.

By clicking on ''yes'' at the option ''This product can be shipped to clients'', you can set the shipping details.

You can save your product as draft and publish it whenever you want.

After the product is published, It will appear on your event's presale page, .

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