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What is Merchandise and how can I use it?
What is Merchandise and how can I use it?

New service: Merchandise

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📢 Merchandise enables you to add your products 🍷🥤🍟 👚💽 🧢⚽ and cross sell them to your audience along with your event tickets!

The customer selects the event tickets and then he is transferred to the reservation page where he enters his details. On this page he will be able to purchase products relevant to the event beforehand and see pickup details 😀

Products you can promote to your audience:

  • Theater programme

    Promote your event's booklet and give your audience the opportunity to purchase it beforehand.

  • Food - Beverages

    If you have a cinema you can add options for popcorn or other products from your bar. For a theatrical or a musical show, you can add a glass of wine for the intermission or during the show.

  • Clothing

    Promote the band's t-shirt

  • CDs, DVDs, posters

    Promote the event's or band's poster, a CD or DVD.

  • Teamwear

    Give your fans the opportunity to get their favorite kit (away, home etc.) or other accessories, souvenirs of their favorite team along with their ticket.

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