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For Godex Printer that used for first time

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WARNING : The steps below are made on RARE occasions and not by default.
Use the procedure below ONLY if you will instructed to do so.

If during the first printing process, the printed ticket shows the message “Document not found”, you must follow the procedure below.

Firstly check that the printer is connected with your PC, open and the printing monitor is running. Then you confirm with us that for the Id used in the printing monitor, Godex is selected as the way to print.

If all of the above is correct, the printer is used for the first time and you see on the printed ticket it is written: "File Name Not Found" and exit from the printing monitor application and run it again to try printing a ticket from Teller.

If the problem is not solved, the Viva logo will have to be added manually from within the Q Label application.

This procedure must be done ONLY on Godex printers and ONLY if it is used for the very first time (no other printouts have been done with this printer before).

With the installation of the Q Label App we add the Viva Logo to the ticket.

To download the Q Label App, right click on the green “Printing Monitor” icon located near the clock in the taskbar (usually, bottom right).

After the download is completed, go to Downloads and you will find a ZIP file and a JPG file.

If you encounter any download issues, you can download the files manually from the link below:

Begin with copying the JPG file with the Viva Logo on the Desktop.
Next, open (double left mouse click) the QLabel folder and double left click on the setup.exe file.

After you double left click the ZIP file, double left click to the “setup.exe” to begin the installation process.

The installation of the app has started (click on Next)

After the setup is completed, you should find the shortcut of the QLabel app in the desktop.

Double left click to open.

Choose “New” to start the procedure.

On the new window that opens choose the “Printer Setup” tab, then select Godex and click OK

On the new window choose the person icon

Click anywhere in the white space

In the window that will appear click on “Load”, find the Viva Logo from the desktop, click on it, then click on “Open”.

Afterwards,click on “Graphic operate” then rotate by 90 degrees.

Next, click on the same window the “Download Graphic” and “Download this Graphic to External Memory”

At the window that will appear, type VIVAWALLET1 with CAPITAL/UPPERCASE and click OK.

Click again OK onto the confirmation window (1), click on the Cancel button on the previous window (2) and close the QLabel App from the X in the upper right corner (3).

While closing, a saving dialog will appear and you must click on the “No” button.

The QLabel App closes and you can run a test print for a real ticket (re-print a ticket from teller).

In case that the procedure above hasn’t been done correctly, during the printing process, the printed ticket will show the message “Document not found” and you have to go through the same procedure again from the start.

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