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What is the cooperation cost?

The percentage retained by Viva Wallet from the payment processing of the ticket sales through

Updated over a week ago’s ticketing platform is provided to the event organizers free of charge (no subscriptions, no ticketing commissions).

  • The only charge incurred by the event organizers is Viva Wallet's deposit clearance, for the online ticket sales made via’s sales channels:

    • Average 2.4%* + €0.24/transaction

* 2.4% is estimated on average and is comprised of Viva Wallet’s acquiring fee (default 2.06%) + variables (average 0.34%) such as:

  • the commission of the customer’s bank

  • the card scheme (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Amex, etc.)

  • the type of card (domestic, foreign, business, personal, etc)

Here you may see in detail Viva Wallet’s transparent pricing plans (see section Ecommerce - Acquiring Fee), which is based on the industry-wide Interchange++ pricing model.

  • For any tickets sold by cash at the box-office, there is no cost at all incurred.

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