Go to the "marketing material" tab of the play you have added.

You need to upload three photos (jpeg). Their dimensions are specified on the page and the file size for each image should not exceed 2MB:

  • General image 816x465px

  • Main image 1220x370px

  • Facebook small image 500x500px

For each photo, you follow the following procedure:

  1. Click on"Choose files"

  2. Select the file and click on "open"

  3. Click on "Upload"

You repeat the process for the other two photos. Hit "save".

Then you add a short text in the "Short Description" field and the description of your event (press release) in the "Summary" field.

You click on "save".

The ''Full Description'' and ''Crew'' fields are optional.

Crew members can be entered in the ''Crew'' field if you want them to appear on a separate tab on the pre-sale page.

If you add text in the "Full Description" field it will appear firmly at the bottom of the page, without the user having to click on "read more".

''Description'' will appear under the ''Description'' tab on your event's sales page and the user will need to click on "see more" to see it all. ''Full Description'' appears at the bottom of the sales page. It's advised to use it for information that you want all potential customers to be aware of.

Seat selection method:

Choose from the dropdown menu '' Selecting from a seating plan'' if your event's venue has numbered seats. With this option, when your customer clicks on the ''buy'' button at your presale page, he will be able to choose his seat from the plan.

Select "Automatic seat assignent" if your event's venue has unnumbered seats. The customer will choose the number of tickets he wants depending on your price list.


In the "Media" section you can upload additional photos in the "photos media library" field or paste a video URL in the "Video Media Library".

For each photo click on "Choose files" - select the file> "open" - Click on "Upload".

On the customer-facing event page, media will have its own tab.

After adding the required fields (those with a red asterisk) you can publish your event. You can see more here:

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