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How do I add photos and text to my event page?
How do I add photos and text to my event page?

Adding marketing material

Updated this week

Go to the "marketing material" tab of the event you have added.

The title is the same as the one you enter under the General information tab.

This area as well as the URL area do not have to be edited.

The Status - Published (approved) area can be explained as follows:

i) Draft, when you have not added anything under images or description.

ii) Hidden, when the marketing material tab, is under preview, and when images and description has been added (but has not been published on

iii) Published, when the event page has been checked and published by the Organizer, so that it can be found & searched on


You can now choose the new design of your event page!!!

You may preview this under the Published - Status point.

*the design can change any time, even after it's been published

Page hosting dates from multiple events, this should be changed to "yes" only if the event page you are working on (its URL), will host event dates from another event on teller, i.e. a festival page.

Add photos

You need to upload three photos (jpeg). Their dimensions are specified on the page and the file size for each image should not exceed 2MB:

  • General image 816x465px (main menu image)


  • Main image 1220x370px (page shown on top of the event page)

  • Facebook small image 500x500px (image shown when you share a link)

If the image is not uploaded but does not fulfill the size requirements, the system will auto-rise it.

For each photo, follow the following procedure:

  1. Click on "Select File"

  2. Select your file and

  3. Click on "Open"

Repeat the process for the other two photos and hit "save".

You can also drag and drop each image and then click ''save''.

Add description(s)

Afterwards, add a short text or words in the "Short Description / Keywords" field (metadata, to help search for your event on any search engine) and the description of your event (press release) in the "Event summary" field. Click on "save".

TIP: When you click on save, you may not see your edits immediately. Please refresh your page to see the final edits. Any edit can take up to 30min to show online.

The ''Important information / Notice'' and ''Cast and Crew'' fields are optional.

Cast and Crew should be listed.

If you add text in the "Important information / Notice" field, it will appear at the bottom of the page's description, in a box, grabbing the reader's attention.

Seat Selection Method

(this will be auto-selected by the system)

Prices from & Booking button title

Under prices from, you can enter the lowest ticket price available and the currency symbol, i.e. 5€.

You can choose the title for your booking button among the options you see at the dropdown menu:


In the "Media" section you can upload additional photos in the "Images Media Library" field or paste a YouTube link in the "Video Media Library".

For each photo click on "Select Files" > select it > Click on "open" > Click "Save".

For the YouTube link, copy the link you see on the browser (and not the link you see in the share button).

On the customer-facing event page, media will have its own tab.

After adding the required fields (those with a blue asterisk) you can publish your event. You can see more here:

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