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How do I refund my customers?

Refund Methods

Updated over a week ago

Refund for tickets purchased online via credit card or Viva Wallet acquiring

For orders where the payment method is "Credit Card" or "Wallet Acquiring" by cancelling the order, the money is refunded to the card used when the ticket(s) were purchased.

In order to successfully cancel an order (with credit card payment) through the ticketing platform, your Viva Wallet Business account must be verified and the corresponding amount available. Otherwise, the cancellation orders will not be completed and will remain in progress (so the customer will not get their money either).

You can see the cancellation steps in detail here:

Refund for tickets issued by your box office

Orders paid by credit card via the ticketing platform

If you have chosen the credit card option on the ticketing platform to charge your customer (see the image below), you can cancel the order through the platform as well. The money will be refunded to the customer's card (see instructions here).

Orders paid by Cash, Pos

You cancel the order on the ticketing platform in order to make the seats available for purchase. However, the cancellation does not automatically refund the customer.

The refund must be manually processed either in cash or via bank transfer to the customer's bank account.

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