On your presale page, you can see the events' date and time, as they are shown to the relevant fields of the ''existing events'' tab on Viva Ticketing Platform.

When you do not want the start date and/or time of an event to be displayed online and on the event's tickets, as shown on Viva Ticketing Platform (see the image above), you can set an alternative date/time:

  • Go to the "existing events" tab of the play (see here for more details), in order to adjust the wordings that will appear online and on the tickets.

  • Select the event and click on ''alt. date/time shown online''.

  • On the pop-up, select the field you want to adjust (if you want to adjust both, select both). Once you have selected a field, you can enter the wording you want to appear online and on the tickets.

Examples on how to use alternative date/time:

For a multi-day ticket, in the "custom date text" field, enter the dates that the multi-day ticket will be valid for (see here for more details).

For a sports team's season ticket, enter in the ''custom date text'' "Season Tickets" and in the ''custom time text'' the time period for the season ticket, e.g. 2021-2022.

For an on demand streaming event, enter in the ''custom date text'' the dates that the show can be streamed and in the ''custom time text'' enter "on demand 24h" (see here for more details).

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