In order to change the price list of an event, you must first confirm that this price list already exists (if it does not exist, add a price list). Then follow these steps:

  • Click on the "Administration" tab

  • Select "edit" under the "plays" section.

  • From the events list on your right, select the play you want to edit.

Click on the "existing events" tab.

  • Select the events you want to change their price list and click on "change price list".

  • On the pop-up, you see the price list of the events you selected as preset. Select from the dropdown menu the price list which will replace the preset one.

  • Then, you need to match the zones of the original price list with the zones of the ("new") price list you have selected.

    On the left, you see the zones of the preset price list and on the right, you select the zone you want from the new price list.

Hit ''save''.

Examples of price list change:

If both price lists have one pricing zone, select the zone you see when you open the dropdown menu ''new price zone''.

If the original price list has the same number of pricing zones as the new price list, select for each zone the corresponding one.

If the original price list has one pricing zone and the new price list you selected has more zones you will need to select one of these zones. Afterwards, you can then make changes to the event's availability.

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