The ticket cancellation and change policy appears on the ''Description'' tab of the event's presale page.

It is important to keep updated this field so that consumers are directly informed about your policy from the presale page. This will help you reduce possible requests regarding changes / cancellations, especially when they are not allowed.

In order to edit this field, follow the steps:

  • Click on the "Administration" tab

  • Select "edit" under the "plays" section.

  • From the events list on your right, select the play you want to edit.

  • You are on the "General" tab of the play you selected, where you can find the "Cancellation Policy:" field, under the "Tickets" section. The fields "Cancellations are allowed" and "Changes are allowed (to another date, hour or seat) '' are not selected (by default).

    If you click on a checkbox, this field will appear as allowed on the presale page.

  • Once you have completed your changes, click on "save" at the right bottom of the page.

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