On the app's home screen you can find the following info:

  • The username (i.e. test viva), the version of the app (v: 4.21) and the App ID.

  • The app's status : A circle in one of the following colours:

Green when the device is connected to the internet and has downloaded all the ticket data.

Yellow when the app is connected to the internet but has not fully downloaded the ticket data. In this case you will need to wait until the data has been downloaded before disconnecting the device from the internet.

Red when the app is not connected to the internet.

  • Burger button (three parallel lines on the top-left corner). When tapped the following choices will appear on the bottom of the screen Status Info, Test checkin, Camera, Exit.

On the status info you can select the event you want to scan tickets for and on "Detailed data information" you can see whether the app has downloaded the ticket data for this event.

Test Checkin allows you to perform a Test Check in, before the event starts. The check in will go through, but the ticket in question will not be invalidated.

Camera will open the device's camera in order to scan the tickets.

Exit will exit the app.

In order to check in a ticket, you scan its barcode while having the check in application open.

If you do not have a barcode scanner connected, you can use the device's camera by pressing the camera button to activate it.

After scanning, there are the following possibilities:

1. Successful check in. The customer can walk into the venue

2. Unsuccessful check in. The customer cannot enter the event area

Reasons for displaying an invalid ticket message

a. The ticket is not for the current event, it is for another day or time or another venue.

b. The barcode is not clear (e.g. a photo on a mobile phone). In the event that for any reason, the scanning cannot recognize the barcode, you can enter its barcode number, by selecting the keyboard icon. Then, you can enter the barcode number.

c. The ticket has already been canceled earlier. You can check this through the ticketing platform, on the order page. If the ticket has been checked-in, in the "tickets" column the dot will be blue, as in the photo below.

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