After you've downloaded the app to an Android device, you'll need to link it to your company.

This process is done through the ticketing platform by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the "Administration" tab

  2. Choose from the list on the left ''Check-in venues''

  3. Click on ''Add new check-in device''

On the pop-up window, enter the following:

  • checkin ID: the id you see on the top right, when you open the EticketCheckin app

  • description: you can write the name of your company or production

  • type: 4.21

  • Press "save" Your device will appear in the table as below:

You can add as many check-in devices as you need or even delete a device.

If you have completed the process successfully, by pressing on your device the burger button (three parallel lines on the top left) and then status info you should see your events. (Your event appears on the device you installed the EticketCheckin app on, 48 hours before its start time.)

If you get a message "checkin id already found"! after saving one

This message means that the device is already registered by another VAT number.

The following can be done:

  1. Delete the device from the registered company (it should be done through the ticketing platform by an administrator of that company). Select the device and press "delete".

  2. Add the device as described above (from your company's ticketing platform).

However, if you want the device to be connected to both VAT numbers, you should contact us. We will need the device Id and the VAT numbers you want linked to this Id.

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