In case you want to scan offline (without an internet connection), you will first need to export the event's barcodes from the ticketing platform (export barcodes option at the event's settings page). Then, the check-in devices must remain connected to the internet, with the application open, for as long as it takes for them to be updated with the barcodes.

For the export barcodes process see here:

The total number of barcodes that should be uploaded at the check-in devices is defined by the capacity of the event.

You can see the total number of barcodes at a device by following these steps:

  • Press the burger button,

  • Press status info

  • Selecting the event

  • Look at the "tickets on the device" field under the "Detailed data information".

The update process is completed when the number in the "tickets on device" field is equal or greater than the capacity of the event.

Once this process is completed, the device will include the barcodes of the tickets that have been purchased, as well as those that can be purchased at the box office shortly before the start of the event.

In the "unsend" field under the "Detailed data information" of the check-in device, you see the tickets that have been checked-in, while the device was not connected to the internet.

In order to keep updated the Check-in tab of the event to the ticketing platform, the device must be connected to the internet.


If, after exporting the barcodes, you add additional seats for sale to your event through the "administration" tab of the ticketing platform, the above procedure will need to be repeated.

Mind that when you scan offline and you have multiple check-in entrances, the same barcode can be successfully scanned by more than one check-in devices, as the app is updated online .

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