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How can I add a multi-day ticket?
How can I add a multi-day ticket?

Instructions on how to add a multi-day

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If your event lasts more than one day and you want to offer a ticket for all or some of the days you will have to do the following:

Firstly, you need to add an event with a pricelist that will specify the prices for a daily ticket or day-pass. Then you can add the marketing material and publish it when you are ready. You can see the steps here.

For a multi-day ticket you will need to create a new event with a similar title, as:

2-day ticket - event title

2 Day Pass - event title

Full Pass - event title

In this event you'll be adding only one event using a new pricelist with the price of the multi-day ticket and the name you decide for the ticket, i.e. 2 Day Ticket.

Addionally, during the process of adding this event, you set as start date the first day of your event. Then you will need to adjust the wordings that will appear online and on the tickets:

  • You go to the ''Events'' tab of your multi-day event

  • Select the event and click on "alt. date / time shown online"

  • On the pop-up, select the "custom date text" and enter the dates that the multi-day ticket will be valid for.

In this play you do not add any marketing material.

In order for the multi-day ticket to appear alongside your day tickets you need to follow this procedure:

Initially, you will define the original event as a page of multiple events, through the marketing material tab, by selecting ''yes'' on the "Is a page of multiple events" field. See the process here:

Afterwards, go to the "Event Groups" column and select from the drop-down menu the event you have previously set as a page of multiple events.

Go to ''Festival events'' tab and click on ''Αdd events that will be shown at the festival''.

On the pop-up window choose the event with the Multi-day ticket and hit ''Save''. See the process here:

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