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Move a ticket to another date or seat/zone
How can I move a ticket to another date or seat/zone?
How can I move a ticket to another date or seat/zone?

Ticket changing process

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Through the ticketing platform you can change one or more of your customer's tickets.

A ticket can change seat, price zone, date and even event, as long as the new event belongs to the same promoter.

If the new ticket is of a higher value the customer will have to pay the difference (upgrade).

If the new ticket is of a lower value you can change the price on the system so that the new ticket matches the price the customer paid. Partial refunds are not available on the ticketing platform.

Ticket changing process

Firstly, you will have to search for the order by entering the order number, ticket number, barcode or customer's phone/ email into the search bar. For more info on searching for an order you can click here.

This will take you to the order page:

Select the ticket(s) that you want to alter (by ticking the box at the left-hand side of the "tickets" table) and click on "change".

A pop up window will appear with the event's seating plan

Here you can select new seats in the same event (seat or price zone change) or you can click on "show all" (next to the event title) and select another date or another event.

If you select a new event from the list on your left-hand side a new window will pop up:

By clicking on "yes" you get directed to the new events seating plan, where you can select the new seat and click on "next".

The next message will confirm you that "the change was completed". Click on "yes" and this will take you to the next page:

The next step is the re-issue page, where the change is in progress:

Check in the payment details section if there is an outstanding balance.

See the following cases before completing the order of re-issue:

Α. There is no outstanding balance owed by the customer

If in the payment details section the "sum remaining" is 0, check if the rest of the details are correct (new date, new seat, etc.)

If you need to make any changes click on "edit / add".

If everything is correct, click on "complete order of re-issue" (on the bottom right of the screen) and "send e-mail" (on the customer info section), so that the customer can receive the new tickets.

Β. There is an outstanding balance on the side of the customer

1. If the new tickets are of a higher value than the initial ones and the customer has to pay the difference, click on "export public link" (a window will appear with a link that then must be passed on to the customer so that they can pay online).

Once the customer pays, the order is completed and the new tickets are emailed to the customer.

2. If the new tickets you have selected are of lower value, a window will pop up telling you that ''the new tickets are cheaper. The value of the new tickets will change automatically so you won't owe money to the customer. If you want to refund the customer, you should cancel the previous tickets and then give him new ones.''

Once you click "yes" it will take you to the re-issue page where you can complete the order and send the tickets to the customer by clicking on "send e-mail".

Cancelling the change

On the re-issue order page and only before you complete the order you can cancel it by clicking on "cancel order of re-issue".

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