''Properties'' on the "general" tab

Go to the "general" tab of the event.

In the "Streaming url" entrer the URL of your online video. After a few minutes a preview of your video will appear so you can check that it works.

Once the URL is added the option of "WATCH ONLINE" will appear on Viva.gr.

If you are streaming the event on a site other than viva.gr then click the box labelled "Stream to be viewed outside of Viva.gr"

If there are any countries where you don't want your event to be viewed from then you can list these in the section below.

After each change remember to click on "save".

Event settings

Go to the "existing events" tab.

Firstly, you will need to set a time limit on how long the customer has to view the show after it starts.

This is done through the check-in options. Select the event in question and click on "close check in".

In the window that pops-up you can set how long after the stream starts, customers will be able to redeem their code and start viewing. If the stream lasts 1.5 hours for example, we suggest you set the check-in closure time to 3.5 hours after the start time.

Then set when the online sale of tickets will stop.

Select the event and click on "sales end". You can set the sales to end even after the stream has started (assuming you have allowed enough time for the customer to view the stream).

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