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Create a streaming event.
How can I add a streaming event to Teller?
How can I add a streaming event to Teller?

Instructions on creating a streaming event on Teller

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The steps to add a streaming event to the Teller are as follows:

Step 1: Add event

Add an event titling it in the following format:

Event Title – online streaming or Event Title – OnDemand

Select the category of choice and choose streaming as the sub-category.

For the "Properties" section check the relevant articles in the help desk which cover on demand streaming as well as set date & time streaming.

The streaming url can be added after ticket sales start.

On the "Up to how many tickets can a customer buy (online)" option select 1 from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Adding shows

You can add multiple shows if your event is to streamed on multiple dats and times or just one show if it is an On Demand stream.

On the venue selection drop-down menu choose "Online (UK Time)", venue number (3407).

Create a new pricelist (you can see how to here) and in the "Price Zone" field name the ticket "Entry code" or a name relevant to the fact that the event is streaming. In the "Value" field enter the ticket price.

In the "match prices-seats" section you need to set the capacity for the event. το πεδίο ''επιλέξτε ημερομηνίες - θέσεις'' ορίζετε τη χωρητικότητα και τις ημερομηνίες προβολής της εκδήλωσης. Then select the date and time of the event and click on "start process" or "save".

Step 3: Add marketing material

Step 4: Streaming Settings

After you've set up your event(s) you here are the settings you need to adjust depending on whether your event is streamed on a specific date & time or on demand.

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