How do I search for an order?

Searching for orders on the Teller

Updated over a week ago

You can see below the ways to search for an order:

  • From the "search" field at the top-right corner of the screen

You can search via order number, customer name, phone number or email.

(It is easier to search by phone or email). Then select the order you want by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

Clicking on the magnifying glass icon will take you to the "edit order" page.

Moreover, by clicking on the "search" field you can see the last orders that you have processed. If you click an order number you will be taken to its "edit order" page.

  • From the seating plan

By hovering your mouse over any sold or reserved seats in the seating plan you can see the customer's name. Double left-clicking the seat will take you to the "edit order" page.

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