In order to issue complimentary (free) tickets you need to create the relevant discount on your event's price list.

1. Go to the pricelist for the event that you want to add issue complimentary tickets for. You can see instructions here:

2. Click on "in detail" on the pricezone you want to add complimentary tickets to. This will open up the discounts table below

3. Click on "add new discount". This will open a new pop-up window:

Discount Category: Complimentary Ticket

Value: 100 and click on the "Percentage" tickbox. (This means that even if the ticket price changes, the complimentary tickets will not be affected)

Select "not on website (only on teller)" from the "Active on Teller - sites" drop down menu and click on the "Used only from the organizer" tickbox in the "Permissions" category.

4. Click ''save''.

Additional settings

On the "General" tab for each event, there is a field that sets the value printed on complimentary tickets. This is set by default to 0,10.

You can change this to 0,00 and click ''save''.

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