In order to find the ticket details for an event you download a "ticket" report.

In this report, the entries appear per ticket (and not per order, which may include more than one ticket).

In this report you can see:

  • Ticket & Order Number

  • Barcode

  • Venue

  • Price, Price Zone, Discount

  • Block, Row, Seat

  • Whether the ticket has been checked-in

  • Value

  • Customer Details

If you want to see the total tickets for an event, in the "Creation date from:" set the date sales started.

After you've made the selections you need click on "appear" and then "export to Excell".

If the event is taking place at a reserved seating venue then you will be able to see the Block, Row and Seat number for each ticket.

This report doesn't filter by method of payment. If you need to filter by payment method please user the order report.

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