In order to settle your event, you'll need:

  • A total ticketing report of your event from Teller and

  • The monthly financial report from your Viva Wallet account.

Teller ticketing report:

After logging into Teller go to the "reports" tab and select "event files".

Then clink on "update" next to the event you want a report on and download the report (if the excel icon doesn't appear after you've updated the event, just log out and log back into teller).

After you request an update for the first time you'll see the report option as well as the date and time of the last update.

Note: Remember to always update before downloading the report so your report will be up to date.

The "report" will download as a zip file and it contains an Excel file and a PDF file.

The second tab on the Excel file is the table of contents.

The fist column contains the name of each report and the second column is the description. You can move to a specific report by clicking on it's name i.e. "PaymentsSummary".

On each report you can filter per various channels.

Viva Wallet report:

Log in to your Viva Waller account via

and select your account.


If you want to see a detailed report of your transactions click on "SALES" and then on "SALES TRANSACTIONS".

Then tick "Other" and select the start and end dates for the period you want reported and click on "Search".

You can also export this report as an Excel spreadsheet.

In this report you can also see details such as:

transaction ref, customer's name, email, type of card, amount, clearance date, Interchange Fee, Card fees, Comission and on the Labels column you'll see the name of the event.

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