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What options do I have to stream an event through
What options do I have to stream an event through

Information on setting up a streaming event on

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You can now stream events through securely using unique customer codes linked to their IP.

Select the video hosting platform of your choice (Vimeo, YouTube, etc.) and on your video's settings select "unlisted" (YouTube) or "hide from Vimeo" (Vimeo) so it doesn't appear to the public on the hosting platform.

Before the show's start time online, will display a countdown so the customer knows exactly when the event starts. Once the event is available to view the customer will be asked to enter their unique customer code.

The unique customer code is the barcode on their ticket.

Options for streaming events

  • Streaming at a specific date and time.

The customer can only view the event at a date and time of your choosing.

You can set at time of last entry to the streaming event (i.e. 1 hour after the start time).

  • Video on demand, meaning the video will be available to watch at any time between 2 specific dates (i.e. 21st Feb to 30th Feb).

The customer can access the video at any time between the start and end dates that you've set on the Teller.

You can select how long the video/event will be accessible (i.e. a weekend, a week etc.)

You can set how much time the customer will have to view the video after they enter their unique customer code on to the system.

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