The scanning of tickets is allowed through the Viva ΕticketCheckin application during the start and end check-in time, as indicated on the play's page at the ticketing platform.

The check-in starting time is predefined at the start time of the event and the check-in closing time at 1 hour later.

To check and/or change these settings you need to follow the steps below:

  • Click on the "Administration" tab

  • Click on ''Productions''

  • From the productions list on your right, select the event you want to edit.

  • Click on the "Events" tab.

  • Select the event(s) date you want to change its check-in starting or closing time, by clicking its checkbox next to the "venue" column.

    Then, from the "General settings" options, under the table, select "Check-in starting time" if you want to change the start time and "check-in closing time" if you want to change the closing time.

Edit the Check-in starting time

On the pop-up, firstly select if the check-in will start ''before'' or ''after'' the event's start time.

Mind that you select how many days/hours/minutes, before or the after the event's start time, you want to start scanning your tickets.

Press "save".

e.g If the event starts at 21:00 and you want to start scanning at 20:00 select ''before'' and ''1'' hour.

Edit the Check-in closing time

Select how many days/hours/minutes, after the event's start time, you want to stop scanning your tickets.

Press "save".

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