Your event appears on the device you installed the EticketCheckin app, 48 hours before its start time.

Within this time period and before starting the scanning process at the entrance of an event, you need to have checked the following:

A. Checks on the device you installed the EticketCheckin app

  • By opening the app and pressing "status info" you should see your event.

  • Next, check if the device is updated. In order to see the total number of the barcodes that have been uploaded to the device, press the burger button (three parallel lines on the top left), then "status info" and select the event. In the "tickets on device" field under the "Detailed data information", the total number of ''tickets on the device'' should be equal to or greater than the number of tickets sold.

If you continue to issue tickets until the event starts, then the device must remain connected to the Internet to always receive the latest data.

  • Additionally, you need to check that your device is charged and if there is a barcode scanner connected, check their connectivity. It is recommended to do a check-in test before starting the scanning.

B. Check the check-in settings of the event at the ticketing platform

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