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How do you print tickets via Teller on a thermal printer?
How do you print tickets via Teller on a thermal printer?

Installing a thermal printer and the foxit reader, printing monitor and Q Label apps.

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To be able to print tickets via Teller using a thermal printer you need to do the following:

  • Initially, you'll need to have the latest drivers installed for the printer you want to use.

  • Then you'll need to install the Printing Monitor app.

    During the installation you will be asked for an ID so the app can connect to your Viva Wallet account.

The Printing Monitor ID is issued by us, so before you install it please contact us. We will need to know the make and model of the printer, in order to issue you with the correct ID.

You'll need a separate ID for each computer you're installing a printer on.

Installing a printer

You need to install the relevant drivers and ensure the printer is operational (the paper is correctly placed and oriented e.g.).

Before you install the Printing Monitor you need to make sure the printer is fully installed and you can print out a print test page (Control Panel > Hardware > View printers and devices > right-click on the printer > Printer properties > Print Test Page).

Remember to have the printer turned on and connected to the computer.

If you have a Godex printer and no longer have the drivers you can download them from:

(You need to be signed into Teller to be able to download)

And for a Star TSP 654 printer, you can download drivers from:

If your printer isn't a Star printer you will need to download the Foxit Reader app from: (free foxit reader download)

Installing the Printing Monitor app

You can see the installation process app here:

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