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How can I install the Printing Monitor app
How can I install the Printing Monitor app

Steps to installing the Printing Monitor app in order to print on a thermal printer via Teller

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Download the Printing Monitor app here:

Click "install" on the pop-up window:

Run setup.exe and click on "install".

If you get a warning from Windows, click on "more info" and then on "run anyway".

On the next window enter the Printing Monitor ID that we will have issued and click on "save". You don't need to enter anything in the "Name" field.

In the next window, select your printer from the drop-down menu and click "save".

The printing monitor icon in your system tray should be green.

After installing we advise you run a test print. Right-click on the Printing Montor icon and select Debug > Print test page.

If you need to restart the Printing Monitor you can via the icon on the desktop.

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