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Creating a pricelist
How can I add a discount to my tickets?
How can I add a discount to my tickets?

Adding discounts to a pricelist

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To add discounts you need to open your pricelist and click on "in detail" under the discounts column. That will open a new table where you can edit the discounts of that specific zone.

In order to add a new discount click on "add new discount" which will open the following pop-up window:

For each discount category you need to set the following:

  • Discount Name, which will be printed on the ticket.

  • Value (in £ or in %). In this field you enter the value of the discount which will be subtracted from the original price that you have set for that price zone.

    For example, if you want to set a student ticket of £10 and the original price is £15, then the discount value field needs to be set to £5.

    If we're setting a discount as a percentage of the original price then you need to click the "Percentage" tickbox, e.g. 20% discount on the initial price can be set as follows:

  • If you want to set a special offer then you click the "Offer" tickbox which will also bring up the offer graphic on the customer-facing site.

  • You can also set limits for the discount in the following ways:

    Minimum number of tickets available per transaction

    Maximum numberof tickets available per transaction

    Sales in increments available per transaction

    Keep in mind that all these limits are only per transaction (order) and not for the event as a whole.

    If you do not set one of these fields, the customer can purchase discounted tickets without any limits.

    You can combine these limits if you want. For example, if you want to set up a 2-for-1 offer then you need to set both the maximum and minimum amount of tickets available per transaction to 2 and then tick the "percentage" tickbox and enter 50 into the value field.

  • Set the discount active ''on Teller and websites'' or ''not on website (only on teller)''. If you select active ''not on website (only on teller)'' the discount will be active only to the Viva Ticketing Platform. If you select active ''on Teller and websites'' the discount will be active on Viva Ticketing Platform and on connected sites.

  • Setting resellers that will have access to this discount

  • After all this is set then just click on ''Save''.

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