If you want to add an event that shares the same venue and price list with an existing event, you can copy from the existing event to the new one.

Via the "admin" tab you can go the event you want and to add new date(s) as follows:

  • Go to the "Administration" tab

  • Click on "edit" in the "plays" column.

  • Select the event from the list on the right-hand side of the screen.

  • Go to the "add events" tab.

Steps to add an event via copying from an existing event

Click on "click here to copy seats and prices from another event"

Select venue: It needs to match the venue you want to copy from.

After you've selected the venue, you will be shown date and time options for the new event(s) you want to add.

You can only add one start time. If you want to add multiple events with different start times you will need to repeat the process for each start time.

On the last step of adding the event you need to select the event you want to copy from.

Don't select the tickbox "Is linked to other event dates (they share seats of the same venue)" or both of the events will share the same seats.

From the dropdown menu under "Copy seats - prices from another event" you can select the event from which you're copying from.

Caution: Doing this will copy the pricelist from the origin event, so make sure you're selecting the right event.

Click on "start process''.

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