Cancelling an event

Stopping sales, notifying customers, cancelling orders

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If you need to cancel an event, firstly you need to stop selling tickets online and then you need to notify your customers about the cancellation, as well as about your refund policy.

Stopping presales

You can deactivate the tickets presales for an event by following the procedure explained here.

Notifying customers

You can issue an order report which will provide you with your customers' contact information for a specific event.

Go to the "Reports" tab and select ''All reports''.

Τhe "orders" option should be preselected.

Select the event and date you want to cancel (you can select multiple dates by holding down the ctrl key, while selecting) and in the "Order creation date" field, enter the date that sales started from (or earlier in order to include all tickets purchased).

Then, click on "show" and "export to excel" to download the file.

Cancelling the event tickets

The process of cancelling tickets and issuing refunds is connected to the payment method used.

In the case of an order being paid by credit card or Viva Wallet acquiring, by cancelling the order on the ticketing platform, the money is refunded to the card the customer used when purchasing.

If an order was paid in cash or the ticket has been re-issued (in which case the payment method will come up as cash, even if the original order was paid by card) the money will have to be refunded either in cash or via bank transfer.

You can see the procedure for cancelling tickets in more detail here.

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