Adding an extra show or date to an event can be done by editing the event, through its production's settings.

The steps for adding events are:

  • In order to edit an event click on the "Administration" tab and then click on "Productions". Select the event you want to add an extra show from the list to the right. This will take you to the event's settings page from where you click on the "Add events" tab.

  • The "1st step: choose an event" is already populated with the event you wish to add to.

  • In the "2nd step: choose venue(s)" you can select your event's venue from the drop down menu. You can enter the first letters of the venue's name in order to find it faster. If you know the venue's code you can also enter it remembering to also enter the parentheses e.g. (3169) for Mezrab in Amsterdam. If you can't find the venue, please contact us and we can add it (venue name, address, Google Map URL and capacity is required).

  • Then you choose a pricelist from the drop down menu or you can create a new one by clicking on "can't find the price you are looking for?
    create a new price list".

  • Select seats

    Ιf the venue is standing or unreserved seating enter the amount of seats in each price zone (here you set each zone's capacity).

    Ιf the venue has numbered seating then you select the seats from the seating plan, the price zone you want and click on "match".

  • Select the date(s) and time: Select the date(s) from the calendar and then select the event start time from the drop down menu and click on "Add".

    If some days the event starts at different time, click ''Add'' and then re-select dates with different start time. Click ''Add'' again.

  • After you have selected all of the above, click on "save".

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