In Viva Ticketing Platform each user has specific permissions that go along with their role in the system

The section ''users-rights'' is where you create users and assign permissions to them, by assigning them to groups.

In order to create a user you need to enter:

  • The user's email address in the ''UserName'' field.

  • A password in the ''Password'' field. Remember the password needs to be 8-16 characters and include at least 1 special character (!,@,#,&….) and 1 number (1,2,3...).

After you click on ''Save'', the user will appear on the ''Users'' Panel.

You select the user you just created and click on ''add to groups'' in order to assign the necessary permissions to the user.

You can check the user’s permissions by logging into the Teller with their username and password. Changing their permissions can be done at any time via the ''add to groups'' or ''remove from groups'' options.

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