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How can I guide a customer to purchase tickets for my streaming event?
How can I guide a customer to purchase tickets for my streaming event?

Instructions on purchasing and viewing a streaming event

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Viewing a streaming event requires a unique viewing code.

After purchasing a ticket the customer receives an email with the order details and the unique viewing code that is linked to their purchase.

o The unique viewing code can be found under the barcode on the ticket.

o To make things easier the unique viewing code also appears on their online order.

From the order page, by clicking on the "VIEW ONLINE" button the customer will be taken to the viewing page where they can see how long it will be before the stream is available to view (if it's not already available for viewing).

To "VIEW ONLINE" can also be accessed via as long at the video hosting URL is included in the event set up.

Once an stream is available to view, the customer has to:

  • enter their unique viewing code and

  • click "ENTER"

The unique viewing code is valid for the specific date & time of the event, unless the stream has been set to On Demand, in which case it expires after the end of the event.

Each ticket can only be used on one device or one browser each time. Is it possible to stop viewing and restart on a different device or browser.

We recommend that customers use the latest editions of Chrome or Firefox to view the stream. Older versions may cause playback issues.

Screen mirroring will allow the stream to be displayed on a TV as long as the device supports it. Not all native browsers on Smart TVs will support streaming.

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