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Troubleshooting printing problems
Troubleshooting printing problems

FAQ on printing issues

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In order to be able to print you'll need the following:

  • the printing monitor icon in the system tray needs to be active and green.

  • The teller doesn't display the icon circled below:

  • the station selected on Teller need to match the printing monitor

If you are unable to print check the following:

1. The printer is plugged in and powered.

2. The printer is connected to the PC.

3. The printer's drivers are all installed and the printer is selected as the default printer. In order to make your printer the default printer go to Control Panel > View devices and printers. Right-click and "Set as default printer".

4. If you changed the printer's port it will automatically create a clone in the "View devices and printers" section of the control panel. This is why on the Printing Monitor you might see copies of the original printer (as in the image below).

In order to be able to print the printer you have selected in the printing monitor must match the computer's default printer. So if you connect the printer to a different USB port you will need to reselect the printer via the Printing Monitor. To avoid this we suggest you always connect the printer to the same USB port.

5. If you have a Godex printer and you can't print follow these steps: right-click on the printing monitor icon and select "offline mode". Then right-click again and select "online mode", so the icon will turn green. Download the PDF file with the tickets you're trying to print, refresh the screen by pressing F5 and then try to print the tickets again.

6. The name of the printer on the Teller should match the one on the Printing Monitor. To change the printer in Teller, click on "change" and select the right printer.

7. If the printing monitor's icon is greyed-out, right-click on the icon and select "online mode". If the icon doesn't turn green then close and relaunch the application. If that still doesn't resolve the issue then you will need to unistall and reinstall the Printing Monitor app.

To uninstall the Printing Monitor app you need to go to your computer's settings or control panel and click on Apps as the displayed in the image below:

In the app list you will find the Printing Monitor app and click on "uninstall".

Then restart your computer and reinstall the app.

8. If you have a Godex printer that you are using for the first time and you're getting a "Document not found" error, check if you've installed the Q Label app. If you have but are still getting the error then you will have to unistall and reinstall it. Detailed instructions can be found here εδώ.

9. If you getting quetion marks instead of text on your printed tickets, check if you've installed the correct drivers but also check your regional settings on Windows. This is done via the Control panel under "Clock & Region" and additional settings. Check the language settings in the "Language for non-Unicode programs" field.

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