Once you have created an event, all that remains is to add marketing material so that the sales page is displayed correctly. You can see detailed instructions here. In order for an event to go live, it needs to be published.

When you start creating your event, it will remain in "Draft" mode until you fill in the necessary fields which are:

  • Title (this field is auto-populated through the title field in the "general" tab)

  • URL (this is also auto-populated via the title field, but you can change it, if you want. You need to use Latin characters and dashes.)

  • Images

  • Short Description

  • Description

By adding the above info, the event' s status will become "Hidden" on the ''Published'' tickboxes. "Hidden" means that the event can be viewed by people with the direct link or by embedding it on your own website. If you click on ''Show'' you can view your event page and test it.

When you confirm that the sales page is the way you want it, you simply change the status to "Published" and click on "Save". Then your event will be published online 🤩

What else to I need to know regarding publishing my event?

  • You can turn the event into a page of multiple events so you can add different plays (i.e. a Music Festival page where you can add days Day 1: Iron Maiden, Day 2: Metallica, Day 3: Manowar, see more details here).

  • You can set the seat selection method to ''Selecting from a seating plan'' or ''Automatic seat assignment ''.

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