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Why am I getting a "order completion has failed" error?
Why am I getting a "order completion has failed" error?

Instructions in case of a payment processing error during a refund

Updated over a week ago

If, during the final stage of refunding a ticket paid with card, you get an error message stating that the "order completion has failed, please try again in a bit" press ''ok''.

On the top left corner of your screen will be written: xxxxxxxxxx| cancellation of xxxxxxxxxx | in progress

In this case, please check the following:

  1. Your Viva Wallet balance is enough to cover the refund.

  2. You have completed the certification of your Viva Wallet account. If your certification is pending there will be a notification on your profile. By clicking on "Certification" you will be informed of the documents you need to upload.

  3. The order has been challenged by the customer (there will be a notification of this in your Viva Wallet account).

  4. If none of the above applies but the refund is still not processing you will need to contact the customer and check whether the card you are trying to refund to is still valid. If the card is no longer valid you will need to manually refund via bank transfer and then you will need to contact us so the necessary changes can be made on the ticketing platform to ensure accurate reporting.

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