To create a new pricelist, go to the "admin" tab and from the list on the left-hand side select "add" under the "play options" column.

Then the following pop-up window will appear:

In the "Description" field you enter the name of the pricelist. This can be the event's name or if you're using the same pricelist for multiple events you can enter the description of the pricelist itself, i.e. Full price £15 - Student £12. The description will on appear on the published event.

In the "Pricelist items" name field you ender the name of the price zone. If you are only using 1 price zone you can call it "Ticket Price" or "General Admission".

In the "Price" field you enter the price of the ticket.

If you have more than one price zones you can name the first one Zone A (or Section A), then enter the price and click on "+" next to the price, in order to add another price zone, as shown below:

And then click on "save"


  • On numbered seat seating plans, discounted tickets need to be added as discounts within that price zone and not as separate price zones.

  • If the venue is standing or unreserved seating, you can add a separate price zone for each type / price of ticket in order to limit the availability of certain types of tickets.

To add discounts to a price zone click here

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